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How to convert and put iTunes songs Video to Windows Media Player

I have met lots of questions about removing music video library from Apple's iTunes to Windows Media Player over the past couple of months, so i took three hours to clear up some easy-handle solutions for this problem this afternoon. Hope this text will be of assistance.

Actually, for converting the songs in your iTunes library to a format that Windows Media Player can understand- (I tend to use mp3.), This can be done INSIDE iTunes itself. If the songs in your iTunes library were purchased in the iStore, and were purchased in the plus version (indicated with a small + sign before the price of a song), then they are DRM free, so they can be converted easily. However, if the songs were not purchased in the plus format, you have to convert them for 30 cent each. For these DRMed iTunes files, I would highly recommend that you do this with a third app called iSkysoft DRM Media Converter, it can remove iTunes copy protection and convert iTunes DRM M4A/M4P/M4B/M4V files to unprotected WMV WMA AVI files to Windows Media Player legally and fast.

Simple steps to convert DRMed iTunes music video to Windows media player.

1. Free download DRM Converter, install and run it.

2. Add M4V, M4A, M4P or other protected iTunes files.

3. Choose WMV WMA as the output format for Windows media player.

4. Pressthe "Start" button. Few minutes later, you will crack DRM from these protected iTunes music video files, and convert them to opened format for Windows media player.

Certainly, this DRM converter also allow you to convert non-drm iTunes file to Windows media player.

transfer music video from itunes to windows media player

Move iTunes music playlist to Windows media player with iTunes itself

Open iTunes and do the following steps:
1. Click Edit, Preferences and go to the General tab
2. Click on the "Import Settings" button
3. Change the "Import Using" to "MP3 Encoder"
4. Click OK and go back to your music library
5. Change to list view and select the first song in your library
6. Scroll all the way down to the last song in your library
7. Press the Shift key and then click on the last song to select all of the songs in your library
8. Click "Advanced" and then "Create MP3 Version"
9. Your songs should start to convert and depending on how many songs you have in your library, this could take quite some time
10. Open Windows Media Player and press F3 or click File, Add to Library
11. Click OK- Windows Media Player should start to search for songs on your computer and after it has finished the search, you should find the songs from your iTunes Library in your Windows Media Player Library.

NOTE: This method will only work if you have bought iTunes plus songs or if you have paied the apple for drmed songs to upgrade to drm-free.