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Technical Support:

If you're experiencing any problems or difficulties using products, please get help via via e-mail: support#@drm-removal-tool.com (replace # with @)

Order FAQ:

Q: How to keep the video quality of the source video when converting a DRM video?

A: When converting large DRM videos, especially the HD video, a very high performance of the computer is required. If the computer is not fast enough, there will be frame and it will cause the video choppy.

1. If the original video is of high resolution, you can try to reduce the resolution of the converted videos to reduce the load of the CPU. Click the Settings button to open the Settings dialog, choose '320X240' as the output resolution from the pull-down list of the option Resolution.

2. Another reason for frame drops can be due to the running applications in the background. Just close all other non-essential applications, and try the conversion again.

3. If the operating system is Vista, switch-off the aero feature in Vista and choose windows basic theme.

4. Do not move or close any of the windows/applications while the program is recording - best thing is to start the conversion and then leave the computer alone.

Q: How to load the DRM files automatically through DRM finder?

A: Before loading DRM files, please set the folders as the loading paths where you save the DRM files.

To set the smart import folders:
1. Click Tools > Preferences to open the Preferences dialog box. 
2. Click the DRM tab.
3. Clickthe Add button to add folders where the DRM files are saved.
4. Click OK to save the settings and close the dialog.

To load the DRM files:
Click File > Find DRM Files to load all DRM files automatically from the folders.

Note:  Do not load more than 500 files at a time, as it requires more for the computer performance.

Q: Can I preview the DRM protected m4v file?

A: It can support converting the DRM protected m4v file, but not playing or previewing it.
When double-click the protected m4v file on the file list, there will be a message saying "Can't support playing protected m4v file".
Generally, if the DRM protected m4v file can play normally on iTunes, it can be converted without any problem. So please just convert it to non-protected file first.

Q: How to speed up conversion ?

A: There are quite a few factors influencing the duration of conversion:
1. The length and size of the original file
2. Settings for outputs
3. Computer configuration

And there are some tips that may be helpful for speeding up conversion:
1. Do not make other operations on the computer when converting. When converting, there is large amount of data processed, consuming intensive resource like CPU and system memory. So it would be much better not to other programs so that the resource won't be distributed.

2. Make the source file and output file on local hard disk. If the video you want to convert is on your camera or other device, and you want to put the output video onto your portable media player, please copy the source file to your computer first, and set the output directory on your computer, too, not directly on your media device. After conversion, you can copy the output video to the device.

3. The higher parameter the source video has, resolution, frame rate, etc. the longer it takes to convert it.

Q: How to get higher video quality?

A: The output video quality is decided by many factors, such as source file quality, output format, resolution, bit rate, frame rate, and so on.

If you don’t mind, please change another format for a try or make the values of resolution, bit rate and frame rate larger.

1. You can manually type any resolution as you like on the Settings dialog box, and if the resolution ratio is not normal, the program will adjust it automatically. In addition, the resolution will be limited as per different devices. For example, the biggest resolution for iPod is 640*480, it won't take effect even you manually type higher resolution.

2. It takes longer time to convert the video if the parameters are larger. So to get a higher quality will reduce the conversion speed more or less.

Q: Is it secure to purchase product via your website?

A: Yes, it is very secure to do business with us. The Payment platforms we utilize are RegNow, which are branch companies of Digital River. Via the secure payment platforms with SSL encryption, the order of your private information, such as credit card number, addresses and so on will be saved as well as confidential information and will never be disclosed without your specific permission.
For more information of the payment platform, please refer to:


Q: How can I know my order is processed successfully?

A: Commonly, once your order is processed, you will receive a confirmation email sent from RegNow. This email indicates your order has been processed.

you can go to this website to check your order status first:

Q: How soon will I get my product after I placed my order online?

A: You will receive a confirmation for your transaction immediately after you place your order online. You will also receive a confirmation by email that will contain all of your order data including your invoice or receipt.

Q: What if I have not received my program?

A: If you have not received registration e-mail in time, please first check if your order has been processed. You could check it here:

Q: I just ordered your program, but still have not received my registration e-mail?

A: Commonly, it will take about half an hour to process your order. Then you will receive a confirmation e-mail first if the order has been processed successfully.

Q: What's yourUpgrade Policy?

A: Being a registered user of Daniusoft Software , you are entitled to a free copy of any minor updates to this product. For example, if you have purchased version 1.0 of the product, you will get all the further 1.x versions free. In addition, once a major revision of the software you have previously purchased is released, you'll probably need to pay an upgrade fee if you want to take advantage of this major update, since it may be combined with a significant amount of improvements and new features.